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Viking Lesson Plans (mix of modules and lesson ideas)

The Viking Puzzle

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho A Viking’s Life For Me

Be a Viking!

A-Viking We Will Go

The Vikings Marauders or Explorers

The Vikings of Scandinavia

Leif Ericsson Leif the Lucky an Unsung Discoverer

Vikings Vicious or Victorious

Vikings A Misunderstood People

Vikings (BBC, lesson)

Viking Craft Ideas for Kids

Phillip Martin's Free Viking Clip Art

Free Powerpoints about the Vikings

Free Templates in PowerPoint format for the Vikings

Norse Fairytales and Myths

Norse/Viking - The Big Myth, Creation Story
(Narrated, told in story form)

The Norse Myths (BBC)

Viking Stories

Free Online Activities

Vikings Interactive (BBC) & Viking Quest game

A Viking House - what doesn't belong? Toss it in the time tunnel

Life in Viking Times

Vikings Interactive (BBC)

Leif Erikson (Leif the Lucky, BBC)

Vikings (Smithsonian flash site)

Write a message in ruin on the ruin stone

Assemble a Viking Proverb (online)

Play Thorkel and the Trading Ship

Can You Survive a Viking Adventure?

Printout The Viking Game (Hnefatafl)

The Vikings (PBS Nova)

Viking Network Ireland

Vikings (longboats, raiders, learning module)

The Vikings Daily Life

Viking Daily Life (Mrs Ryan's Class)

Free Powerpoints about the Vikings

A great book to read for Vikings:
JOURNEY FOR A PRINCESS by Margaret Leighton