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Rich & Poor in Tudor Times 
Lesson Plans, Games, Powerpoints


For Teachers

England's Golden Age - The Tudors (unit)

Elizabethan England To Glorious Revolution (unit)

Tudor Times & Henry VIII

Tudor Britain - Lesson Plans and Resources (TES, free but you have to sign up)

The Six Wives of Henry VIII - The Tudors (lessons, classroom)

Walk Through Time (Tudors, lesson plan)

The Tudors' True Story - lesson plans

Rich and Poor in Tudor Times

Free Powerpoints about the Tudors

For Kids

Design a Room

Tudor Street - What doesn't belong?  Toss it in the time tunnel

Tudor Britain 

Target the Tudors

The Tudors

The Tudors Joust

The Terrible Tudors & Vile Victorians 

Dressing Up Tudors 

Elizabethan Life

Entertaining Elizabeth - Elizabeth I (late middle ages, early renaissance)  

Elizabethan Spying Game - Crack the Code

Design a Garden - Elizabethan

Tudor Exploration

Sir Francis Drake

Henry VIII

The Great Fire of London

The Tudor Family Tree


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