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18th & 19th Centuries
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The Industrial Revolution

Absolute Monarchs

American, French, & Glorious Revolutions (pppst)

The Age of Reason

Tudors and Stuarts

The Victorian Era

Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale & Other Famous Britains

American History

British History 1750-1900

19thCen "isms" (Major ideas of the 19th century, Industrialization, Liberalism, Laissez-faire)

Revolutions of the 1820s & 1830s

19c European Liberalism


The Revolutions of 1848

Mid-19c European Nationalism

Britain & France During La Belle Époque

The Russian Revolution

Late 19th Century

Democracy/Revolutions (several)


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The Tudors & Stuarts

The Victorians

Battle of Waterloo

Florence Nightingale

Age of Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Age of Imperialism

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